August 5th, 2005

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pre-sale opportunity

reader's digest condensed recycled hard cover 100 page blank journal

blues and cream, with gold embossed lettering on the side advertising the non-exsistent versions of "morning glory", "toy soldiers", "trail", and "prospect" from a 1989 run.

inside sheets are sewn and bound. this is handmade and not perfect, but really really cool looking.

tomorrow night i'm putting it in my store for $22 plus $5 shipping.

if you would like it for $20 including shipping (within the US, add $10 out of the US), you can pay me through pay pal: with a note it is for the RD journal.

first payment i get gets the book, if anyone pays after that, i will refund their money in full, or put them on a pre-sale list for the next which is red and cream covered and will have 100 pink sheets, payee's choice.

now on to the goods

thanks for paying attention this long.
2013, cyd, new

(no subject)

today is a day off (unless my supplies arrive)
today i sit and burn incense and write in a paper journal
try to get the last two weeks down in metaphor

i was thinking of doing something with my work and food
becasue while eating something new we often get a taste of something familiar
and that triggers memories
if i can work with those memories
i can get some good material inspired by food
and maybe some reviews while i'm at it
this is just a zygote of an idea yet.

i feel asleep listening to tony blair speak
i love the accents
i belong in europe
where i would spend all my time in a
blissful daze listening to all the accents
2013, cyd, new

dear eris and hellothere

tonight's plans are going to have to be cancelled. i'm meant to be at the dentist at 8. and with the anxiety of that i'm going to have to keep myself too sedated to be social.

i hate missing people when they come here. maybe tomorrow night i can have everyone over for burritos or something.
2013, cyd, new

countdown to dental city

i felt nappy so i lay down. i lay there looking at doc's computer, thinking about the games i got and how they will work on his machine. so i messed with that for a while, made a record/duct tape book, three necklaces, five bracelets, and a pair of earrings. also prepped three other books. no, the eyelets did not come. if they aren't here by tomorrow i'll have to get some at michaels to finish an order.

i lost the cell number of the person i was supposed to meet tonight. lucky, they didn't know the tenative plans, so they won't be there waiting. hopefully they will be able to email me.

tomorrow i'll have pain pills and new teeth. YAY! and you just know they will run up the insurance max again. which, they were right last time and handled it well, so whatever. just fix my damn teeth. i just want a steak. i can't eat anthing but beans and tuna. not even a greek calzone. i love tuna, don't get me wrong. and it gives me an instant protien high. and beans, i can never have enough beans. but a part of me wants to bite into a steak quesedilla from baja fresh. and some chips and salsa. can't eat chips.

but no more!!!
2013, cyd, new

heh, and i was going to take the day off today

2013, cyd, new

(no subject)

jack likes kids
well one
only one is allowed in my house
because i can discipline her
and doc follows her around making sure she touches nothing
but jack is fascinated
he is following her around, letting her
drag him around
what a weird cat