August 3rd, 2005

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last retort

let's put an end to this farce. i know now who you are claiming to be, and if you are the best hope kelly has, he's as good as gone. if you really are sincere, fill out a missing persons report with metro and i'll call my detective friend and get him working on it.

2013, cyd, new

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i couldn't go all day without creating something.

another day of step - wait - step - wait.

so everything has been done and is doing the waiting.
i have a paper platter in the oven
i used mold release this time
so i should have a platter when done
not the pile of paper i have from my first attempt
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got her

30 years old . . . this in her userinfo "All I ask is, don't lie to me."

and she is a tool. a tool of my drug addled brothers
or my parents, which is worse
obvious and stupid and fairly easily caught

whatever, that was fun for a couple of days, back to my life. speaking of which, if my eyelets don't get here soon, i will cry. i don't want to work on the pearl bracelets right now. i want to make books. rarr.
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paper stuff

hey now kids!
the platter worked!!
since it is on glass, i put it in the oven to dry
and it is pulled back from the glass
all i have to do is wait for it to dry . . .
then varnish it many times and
either sell it as is, or make a clock out of it
with matching marble gems instead of numbers.
wow, maybe a fruit platter.
let's see what the varnish does
is that an embossed pattern?
indented . . .
dollar platter
2013, cyd, new


henry mourns the departure of the box, consoling himself on the giant papercutter (i keep the blade part well obscured and wrapped in towels when not in use since the cats like it so much)

new jewelry

bi-pride necklace with rose quartz

blues and roses necklace on superfine sterling silver chain

bi-pride with blackstone

bi pride celtic and glass heart dangle earrings