July 31st, 2005

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sunday morning

it is one of those mornings where it seems like every unfinished project is nagging at me.

i want doc to wake up. it is so hard to let him sleep when i'm restless like this.

and you know, i want breakfast. but i think it is just the idea of going out for breakfast. i can't think of any food i want. and sunday breakfast out in las vegas is a special brand of Suck.

i cut up the box from the alice game because it was tearing. i have four pieces from it, i can make two alice boxes. wheee.

the media has been jumping all over self sabotaging stories. all of the missing people and mysteries. soon they, fox especially, will discover that mysteries don't appeal to the masses unless they get solved.
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    the bolshoi - sunday morning
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this and that

do you know the sound a constipated cat makes?
i do.
mineral oil for all my cats!!
oy. i tell doc not to get the cheap food. i think this convinced him.
if not, the dosing of the mineral oil will get him convinced.

on another subject:
aveeno body wash good for face, and smells nice too.

so i got the wash, and the body moisturizer,
now all i need is the facial moisturizer and
i will be a pampered woman!
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i'm afraid of grout

so many how-to-ers make such a big deal of how hard grout is to work with, remove, etc. . . . i'm scared to grout.

i cut my nails. i got my gloves (yes, we keep surgical gloves on hand). i got my grout, mixy thingy and small dish to mix in. i've got the bottle taped off (beach glass too nubby to glue on and use as tiles will be just embedded ito the grout on the top inch and a half of the vase/candle holder/what the hell ever). now all i have to do is do it.

i think i'll cover a wooden box in blue foil while i wait for the xanax to kick in and convince me i am bigger than grout.