July 29th, 2005

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wooden box makeover

michaels had small wooden boxes in the clearance isle this week, so i picked a few up.

i had ordered a grab bag of scrapbooking stickers with my stickerplanet.com $10 coupon for having their link on my page (you can put it on your lj page and get one for yourself!).

and i always have some sort of left over paint around and marble gems.

combine, stir and viola!

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hand made paper and the like

hand made paper and the like

i have a couple of scrapbook kits, just groupings of hand made papers and some embellishments i have for sale.

set one is handmade paper and cast/molded paper - celestial/earthmother theme

pale green handmade paper, perfect for tearing, with dill and glitter; three green metal photo spiral clips; and a handful of plastic farm themed embellishments - garden theme

thank you for your time, and for looking. =}
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brite books!!

poppy z. brite, or docbrite the name goes on lj, is selling rare self authored books!!!!

i am heartbroken i can't afford any of them right now. but you should check out the ebay auctions for yourself (a first edition hardcover of Exquisite Corpse with a hand sketch in it!!!!!!)
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i wonder how big a cone i should put on leeloo's head to keep her away from her paw long enough for the newskin to do some good.

they are out of food for four hours tonight and mad about it, so she is picking at her foot. rarr.