July 28th, 2005

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warms the cockles of my alien heart

"But before docking, shuttle Commander Eileen Collins planned to
manually direct the vehicle when it is positioned about 600 feet (180
meters) below the station. Collins was set to move the shuttle’s nose
upward and slowly flip Discovery backward 360 degrees, so the two
astronauts aboard the station can photograph the shuttle’s nose and


in less than a half an hour, a woman is going to manually flip the space shuttle over before righting it and docking to the international space station.

i know already this is going to be a beautiful day.
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i've gotten it together now



there's the one i was thinking of, you could use a piece of it, if any of it strikes you.

here are the lyrics:

excuse me myth?
i'll deny it all
i'll say you made it up
i'll make you look foolish
linger on . . . chew on that
i'll tear it all up
i'll say those words
i'll step down
bring it on . . . go ahead hit me
fuck all that
is easier, isn't it?
i'll say stop
i'll cry foul
i'll run away
it's so clear . . . no questions asked
i'll get rough
i'll make you them
i'll be like the 'hers'
what it is . . . is all it is
any lie i make up
you're so ready to follow
any mess i make up
you're so ready to allow
i'll tell you what
i'll say you're full of it
i'll laugh quietly
linger on . . . get me a drink
i'll stop time
i'll be worth forgetting
i'll get it done
bring it on . . . the city is burning
it's all a myth
make it up as you go
i'll get bored
i'll admit i lied
i'll call off the game
stop screaming . . . who was wrong?
i'll take what's offered
i'll forget it all
i'll be just the same
there's your myth . . . chew on that
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irony, alanis

the other day i made some snarky comment about the london bombers living there and being on the dole.

turns out at least one was.

goddess help us if the welfare moos ever get their shit together and get angry all at once.
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CD swap?

i'd like to swap custom burned CDs . . . if anyone is interested. since i know we share common music interests for the most part, and many of us like stuff we never bothered to get when we could.

you already know i'm a punk, rockabilly and 80s girl. i even have some hair rock somewhere around here.

if you're interested, let me know. can be audio or mp3.
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sewing is not frequent here

i made a pillow out of a betty boop sweatshirt. i don't know where it came from but it was for a child or anorexic with short arms. so now it is a pillow on my bed. happy happy.

if it weren't for the hand sewing, i'd do this stuff more often. i've got yards of red and black plaid fabrics i'm dying to make curtains, pillows and a duvet cover for doc out of. i really need to sit down with the sewing machine. maybe now that it is off the glass table, i'll be more willing to fuck with it and clean it properly. i have sewing machine oil, with the fancy dispenser tip, all i need is some more canned air. i'll make that beast work. then i can patch my 23 pairs of jeans.

but i've been sewing the appliques on the wrist bands, and if i can hand felt a square foot of black wool sweater into durable felt and sttatch rivet snapw with plyers, i figured i could hand sew one pillow. the stuffing was taken out of an old pillow, i ripped it open and only used the clean, non matted stuffing. the dust mites and stuff make the outer layer kind of skeevy.

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cafepress announcement

if there is something that you want from my (or kam316's) cafepress.com stores, but are afraid the quality will suck and it won't be worth it, worry no more and go forth and buy. we've mastered the high resolution picture production, so the products are crisp, clear, unpixelated and true to the colors intended.

i got this journal today that i paid for with my share of the sales ($2 per each item sold, because the base prices are expensive enough, and i've noticed it is the median for someone with no celebrity or consistent digital art skills) and it looks fabulous. it is 8" x 5" with 160 blank sheets and textured hard vinyl black back cover.

links to my other storefronts are in the introduction header of my main store, "cydniey".
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tins tins tins

okay, all of my polymer has been white lately to work on the tiles.

now, thanks to starsprite_1, i have a bunch of tins to do. which means the next holiday of gift giving i'm asking for the clay on my amazon.com wishlist. that will be christmas. i have what i need to finish ansley's tin and make the embellishments i need for works in progress, but i've let all the rest run out.

and to be honest, it is far down on my list. i'm working my way to $190 right now for beads and bookmaking (eyelets mainly) supplies which i need more.

i keep forgetting the comic books. dammit. tomorrow's first work shift will be the listing of all the comics i've taken pictures of and gotten prices for. that should get me somewhere.

the afternoon is slated for leslie's remaining bracelets. since i'm pretty sure she isn't going to notice they are not all in the current package. and then some wooden stretch bracelets to put on ebay for fluff. i found this bag of colorful small wooden beads someone gave me in a box of craft stuff, and i have a bunch of proper bracelet elastic now. that will help too.

i also need to work up a new set of tiles tomorrow. i'm thinking my sales of those would be much better with proper photos on them. i also have a punk set for a few necklaces i'm doing in a darker motif. i have a great set of chip beads that when mixed, have the shades of a really nice bruise without the yellowing. those will look great with some clasps i found in the same theme.

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so easily amused

S's dumpster diving just got me a bunch of faded tshirts and the computer games (with serials and all the CD inserts): quake, alice, oddessy,sim city 2000, strif and dagger fall.

i squeed when he handed me "alice" and "quake". but mostly over "Alice". my new sims aren't working with this computer for reasons i don't give a crap about enough to fix. so this will be perfect!! whee!