July 24th, 2005

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i was in the studio making record sleeve boxes and the thunder started. so i have the blinds open to a nice light show. and it is raining quite hard.

this insomnia must end in an hour or so. i have to be awake to go get supplies tomorrow. i'll also have three more record journals tomorrow. i just have to decide which records.

the sleeve boxes are cool, i'm experimenting with lining them with the lyrics if i can, and colored paper or handmade paper if i can't. tomorrow while i'm out, i'm going to look at medium sized river stones to use as feet, since i want to weigh down the bottom so it is a functioning box. i'm also going to experiment with leather hinges and leather and beed closures. the hardest part with these is waiting for all the various stages of glue to dry.
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when one is in their late teens through twenties, every thing is extrememes. there is only this or that. no room for gray. i was the same way. i was also headstrong (which i kept, as it is a nice trait for me) and wanted the world to agree with me. now, i just want the world to leave me alone. sometimes my feelings get covered by a really general blanket. just completely doused.

yeah. so. good morning.
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last night's late night snack

mexican popcorn

bag o' regular microwave popcorn
bit of extra melted butter
powdered cocoa
cinamon and sugar
mix to taste
bake in medium oven for four minutes
stir and let cool

messy to eat but it tastes so good
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the white trash war of the stereos has escalated.
doc is of the opinion they are too afraid of me
to do much more than keep the bass up
and stay inside their apartment
they've been talking shit about me (and we don't even know each other past first names and i'll watch your stuff, you watch mine)
apparently the bitch married to the cool guy
was the complex gossip
so everyone know's i'm crazy, and thanks to her,
thinks i'm dangerous as well
the sides of my head are shaved, i must be indiscriminately violent
piss heads
after watching "Girls Girls Girls" yesterday, i'm starting to see the benefits of living on a boat. loud music and outright noise i can handle, and like kind of. but obscure bass and slamming of doors at five in the morning makes me cranky right now.
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good week for finds and stuff i love

i found so much stuff to remake this week. plus i made stuff

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plus i found big flat marbles to use as feet for the record cover/sleeve boxes. and i have enough leather to make hinges for the four i have already made and possibly a few more.

time to go play with the hot glue gun. beaded curtain and an assemblage to work on tonight. maybe if i work early i can get to bed before dawn tonight. =}
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the sky is alive with the sounds of thunder

by the way it was beautiful out today, and in a hopeful word, my extreme issues with temperature may be going away!

it was a bit humid, but it was only 90, and high humidity here is around 30% which isn't at all high in comparison to where most of my friends live. it was just a nice nice day.

they say there will be more storms tomorrow, and in a week or so we may get the same from another gulf bound tropical storm. welcome to monsoon season. i got my photo disks (my sony mavica takes floppy disks instead of a memory card - coolest digital camera ever!) emptied just in time!