July 22nd, 2005

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i just stood up, got dressed and went up to the corner mart. i got to watch the sunrise. and i found two things that will be an assemblage by nightfall. whether i sleep or not.
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hey london friends, i know you are strong and all that, but if you want to get out of the city for a bit, i've got a free bed and i'll let you do all the talking. =}
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am i the only person who's downstairs neighbors have set fire to their apartment to kill their children only to have it botched by a heroic neighbor who broke the window and saved the baby, and another hero who broke down the door and saved the other kid?

just curious.
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one person bitches about my grammar, so i make a grammar-rific icon, and IT gets mocked, but look mom, i'm uh . . . famous . . . no . . . posted on a site with the word nazi in it. what an event. =}


these new meds rock my world.

but i could have done so much better to get on there. man, the missed opportunities in life. there's a misspelling in the hitler icon. it is INTANTIONAL (get it?). really, i meant to do it because i certainly don't want to talk about real issues, what i want to talk about are spelling errors, damn it all!