July 21st, 2005

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okay, the pain has not come back
though i just got my fever down to 100 from 102
and i have some sort of rash on my chest

i will say this only once

a visit to the emergency room would be cheapest, insurance wise, if it were to be something serious. because you know one doctor will send to another who will send for tests and you end up in the same building anyway.

but my medic alert tag states my mental illness, so i don't go to emergency rooms unless i'm screaming in pain (yes, i would have gladly gone if doc had been home when it happened) or bleeding from somewhere new.

the fever concerns me, as do the things i've read here and there. now the fucking rash. i'm so pissed off.
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kept the meds down, when i felt them coming up, i swallowed (god, don't ever do that) and then stuffed a saltine and a gulp of water, those were the only things that came up. i stopped the second wave. at least i have my meds in me. i can't wait to go to sleep and wake up from this dream, fever and rash free.
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fever is gone. no pain in the night.
hopefully yesterday's horor is over

i got my serowuel refilled yesterday.
wow, zonk
don't like this at all
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no seroquel for two days + 300mg last night = zombie

i cancelled my appointment later for the doctor. instead i had a phone appointment while doc was at his appointment. i'm meant to be reducing the seroquel, so no more than 150mg per night.

oh wow, here comes the pain again. rats.
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waiting for the rain

a couple things you don't hear in vegas: 'heat index' and 'humidity' . . . except when there is a former tropical storm heading up toward us.

we depend upon storms from the california coast. that is the way the wind usually goes. but there are mountains between here and there and the mountains have an ugly habit of tearing apart storms before precipitation can get to us. this storm is coming from the south east, no mountains. the news is doing all sorts of flood preparations stuff, we even have "stations" around the valley with sand bags, funky funnels to fill them, and sand, all you have to do is fill the bags. that is pretty cool.

what is also cool is that with this heinous heat, the thunder and lightning is going to be fantastic.

in going through and archiving pictures, i realized i have about a hundred of here when it is raining. the ground, rocks, and plants change color in the rain, i am fascinated by this.
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oh the pain

the pain is from the geodon
apparently when doc horton (he reminds me of the rev horton heat - how cool is that?) told me to eat when i took it, he wasn't fucking around. eat enough not to pad the stomach, but to give my bowels something to work with. it is supposed to get better, transitional thing. i now have a nice collection of fiber full foods, mostly featuring some sort of blueberry. so that is that and everything is okay and my uterus didn't explode and i am going to be fine.

doc stuffed me full of tacos for lunch. that should do the trick, eh? maybe i'll do red beans and rice for dinner (when doc gets home around 11 - that's dinner time) just to make sure tomorrow is a bit less crampy. i really never thought one's bowels would complain about being empty. okay enough gross stuff.

i just got up to stretch and ended up binding another book.

i'm mainly trying to get front and backboards made, paper cut and folded and poked (holes) so i can just sit and assemble them all at once. that doesn't so much happen. having stuff ready pretty much ensures every time i get bored i'll be binding a book. not that i mind. i just think it is funny, 10 days ago i was scared to death of trying it and failing, convinced i would do it badly.

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Click the pic

Hey Kats and Kittens, it's that time again! Yep, time for me to get some more supplies, so I'm presenting you with some great gift ideas and fun things for yourself at my eBay store at some reduced prices.

You cannot get my stuff cheaper in shops. They totally mark it up. But from me directly, you can get some good deals. So have fun and don't spend it all in one place! I like money, but everyone needs variety.

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posting about children with no swearing?

knightchick is asking about microchipping children, go chime in, great discussion.

prompted me to say something succinctly for once: if my kid was missing i wouldn't care about where the local offenders are having dinner. i would want to know, and only to know, where my kid was.

for those who know me well, please replace "kid" with "cat", i hate goats.
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if you live in southeast LV, the lightning show has started!!

wow, it isn't even dark yet. but the sky is a funny color. i'll see if i can get photos of the color.