July 19th, 2005

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chris isaak lyrics

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yeah, i'm slow. i never saw 'eyes wide shut' and i don't listen to any radio or internet radio. i never heard the whole song, only the deep voiced refrain, and never even imagined it was chris isaak. i love it.

of course i just figured out that a song i would not ordinarily like, but completely love is by lyle lovett, who i love unconditionally. his voice makes me happy, like isaak's.
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Dear Sister Taylor

you told me when i grew up that i would feel differently about having a baby. well, i'm older now, a full 20 years older, and in all honesty i have to admitt, i do feel differently. when i was 20 i thought adoption was the right thing to do. now i know, and quite committedly feel differently.


kristin and her cats and husband that isn't some bloody mormon
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hep me hep me

i have 1/2 a mohawk, 3-4 inches wide, with the back shaved completely. i have synthetic hair, i need help parting the shock of long hair and securing the braids, a couple hours work and i will do most of the braiding. i can't pay you but i can feed you, maybe buy some beer . . . even offer a cool thing or two like any of the stuff i make.

anyone local interested? you don't have to be professional, just have knowledge and a bit of experience. BTW i used to be executive chef of a mainline cafe in philadelphia, i cook good. ;}
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hype is everything

aw damn, i have no wikipedia entry. i want one that is really wrong, lists me as an orphan and a recovering heroin addict and mysterious and never seen in public (okay, that part is true).

it would be cooler than a newsgroup where people gathered to make fun of me. i never got one of those and i can't remember regretting it yet.

but if you can lie about samuel l jackson being in the second season of lost after the summer of the sith, one could certainly make my life sound interesting.

hype, people, i need HYPE. you're my people, i'm your people, need help with hype, i'm here for you, you know that because you can all read my mind through my special modem. (yes, i know, i'm just offering fodder for those looking for proof i'm batshit crazy)

so yeah the new meds seem to be working out, as well as my fat ass working out. i'm a bit worried about the speediness, but not overly worried and i see the doctor in two days. without dangerous street drugs, two days will be fine. and i have no plans for dangerous street drugs, they cost money and shit.

besides, i'm a recovering heroin addict.
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day five: joint pain fading, appetite gone (buh bye, hated knowing you!), cravings gone, energy high, focus high.

woke up and worked out before coffee. ripped the ass out of my only pair of fat jeans. i wear it with pride as the last of a series of ick. i've seen how my body gains weight, and i don't like it and there is nothing i won't do in the future to keep the weight off. comitting to a life of daily exercise used to be laughable. i'm now looking forward to it again.

it's like i'm in a dream.
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D downstairs is playing his stereo super loud.


i heart geodon! (and strawberry soda because i did have a glass of that tonight)
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228 disks

average of 15 photos on each
wow, i have a lot of photos i forgot about
time to sort and burn them

funny how now that i have two big hard drives i archive everything, whereas when i had just one small one i kept it at capacity. it's nice when i notice i've matured or started making more sense.

tripper sent me a votive candle holder that is a molded pewter depiction of bryce canyon, with a glass cup that sits in it. i've been keeping it close to me and always burning for my sisters.

(you're thinking "better focus, my ass" aren't you?)
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i'm looking to hook up with a photographer in pittsburgh that has decent interior photos of the "Original Hot Dog" in oakland. i'm also looking for good interiors of the Beehive in oakland when it was open. i'm daoing a writing project and i would like photos to digitally manipulate - no pay, but you would get full publishing credit, if i do publish it.

if you or someone you know . . . blah blah blah