July 18th, 2005

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if you really need the cute

give a rodent a grape. they eat them like we eat apples, just with no core and much much faster. we're going to OD Boo on grapes because it is just so cute. someday i need to make him a temporary play pen on the floor so i can get pictures of him being adorable.
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new icon

personally, i feel it is more disturbing presented over a pretty picture, but i thought i'd give it a try. some comment from doc about beating people over the head with my ideas. well, duh.
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i mentioned i was restless last night
so . . . yeah

working with different transparent bits in the centers, since the stuff i was using will eventually run out.

i really like the plastic beads i got. i had no idea that pretty beads were available in plastic.
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manialcal laughter

i just buttoned the top button on my cammos without thinking about it. i haven't been able to do that since my last weight loss attempt where i increased my seroquel and gained 30 pounds. this means the monthly water weight is going away, not staying and inviting friends.

makes the fact that i got up and worked out before my first coffee or cigarette all the more worth the grumbling that replaced the counting of reps.

i could be thin again. none too soon, i've just had my first experience with chafing. not a pleasent thing at all. i felt so betrayed that my body could do such a thing. and then realized i'd let my body down by letting it get to this place.
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hey girlgoyle!

CDs arrived, doc has been happily hooked up to a CD player ever since, thank you for the peace! thank you thank you thank you. doc assures me you have been excellent for years.
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smoking bottle #3

new items at my ebay store


this is what is known as a smoking bottle, its use is for burning incense without the open burning ember and the dust. i have a plain old wild turkey bottle i use. this one i actually wanted to keep until i realized it was a skyy vodka bottle i knew i would have more. i plan to get doc a bar set with a nice martini shaker, glass if possible, and i will etch it for him for his birthday. so vodka martinis will be much more plentiful. wow . . . it has been over two years since i had a vodka martini. it was at the double down. no, it had to be three years or more, there was only one person i drank them with.
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okay, so here's a thing

when doc empties the kitchen trash can he never, and i mean never in the 8 years we've been together, has put a new garbage bag in the can. i've seen his parents in action, and his dad empties, and his mom puts the new bag in. so i know where this is coming from. never the less, it drives me batty. so i started thinking about it and why.

when i was growing up, my job was the garbage. i took it out, i replaced the bag. not replacing the bag led to . . . well, it wasn't worth it to not put the bag in. so when he does it, i feel like he is getting away with something, as if i would get punished if i did the same thing, which i don't.

so there is that thought out. now let's see if knowing is half the battle.
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if you had the chance to take a moment of your day and help a friend, would you?

i figure most of you would, given you had the time and the resources, but if you wouldn't, if you just don't have time to be bothered, or (much like the dane, who would help a close friend) just don't give a damn, i'd love to hear it. you don't even have to say why unless you want to.

as always annonymous posting is allowed, so don't be afraid to tell me how the world sucks or how people just don't deserve a break.

why? i don't know. maybe because the ranting on the childfree and cf_hardcore boards, or maybe because i've been thinking through some of my issues and feelings and behaviors.

thanks everyone.