July 17th, 2005

2013, cyd, new

another fear down

i've had stuff ready for bookbinding for quite some time
i got caught up in the photo tiles
and just put it off
the tutorials said it sounded harder than it was
they were right
but i was still afraid to try it
so i killed that fear

this one looks like crap, since it was the first
i have one i'm doing tomorrow of paper i made,
with a rough silk cover
2013, cyd, new

a new smoking bottle

you may be able to tell i'm really getting into this medium. two holes drilled in the bottom keep the air flowing, the leaves do not cover the holes, so it is as functional as it is beautiful

may i present: earth and sky - a miracle of silk leaves, glass gems, silver glitter and hemp cord . . . and of course a gorgeous blue bottle.

bottom detail


back, showing split ring leash attatched to the back with a glass gem
2013, cyd, new

hooray for medical science!

so far the geodon is a rousing success. less zombie, no appetite, no constant need to be eating. energy. focus. i hope i hope i hope i'm not jinxing it, because i could really dig things going well with meds for a while.