July 15th, 2005

2013, cyd, new

i'm not going to be mad and hurt anymore

instead i'm going to do what i have wanted to do
cut off the offending limb

there are people that make you want to be nice to them
unfortunately they are usually the people who don't care if you are nice or not
and even more unfortunately they only notice if you are rude

and why i want to please everyone is completely beyond me
if i spent as much energy trying to make myself happy
and doing small things for myself,
i wouldn't be so angry and resentful all the time

don't look for a backstory
none of it was ever written down
as if i thought putting it in words
would give it life
but it had life anyway
so i killed it

*kisses and hugs and bops on the head*
2013, cyd, new

(no subject)

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

i just broke my temp dental thing while flossing.
the new one is ready and waiting for me
we're just working on getting the $400 to pay for it
(see why the cost of moving scares me?)
plus when i go in, there are three other teeth they'll
want/need to fix
i hate my mouth

i'm relisting ebay stuff
and will be adding more all week
and trying to find new ways to advertise it
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(no subject)

what is the name of:

the machine on Mythbusters that they use to vacuum mold plastic? any idea where i would find such a thing and be able to use it? what industry are they used in?
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wow, ben browder and tricia h ('six' on battlestar galactica) were in the farrah fawcet story, as lee and farrah. ouch. doc's head is going to pop.
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dear kam316,

you remember those strange little sci-fi vignettes?

one of the new ones features a man putting his mouth up to the ass of a small dog and blowing, as the dog turns into a balloon dog and then kicks the man in the face or something. they have gone too far, i say!