July 14th, 2005

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to matt

techinically it is now your birthday. i hope it is happy and silly and great. i wanted to write you a fabulous open letter like you wrote me, but as always with you, words failed. i have one piece in all these years that is about you, i just can't write about you. your support is invaluable to me. i look forward to a time when we can collaborate with as much anticipation as i did when we were younger. it was always so much more straightforward with you than it is with other people. and though i know there have been times you have been scared for me, but i've never felt that you were scared of me. and that means more to me than any words could express. happy birthday.
2013, cyd, new

the verdict is in

i'm glad dr. c moved away
i love the new doctor
he's switching me to geodon,
one of only two anti-psychotics that
don't make you gain weight
abilify was the other choice,
but he said it tends to cancel out other meds
that sounds dangerous
plus the average dosage of the geodon
is much less than seroquel

working out has a whole new attraction, knowing that it won't be a complete waste of time.
2013, cyd, new

(no subject)


the dane has an lj, and though she will likely slap me around with stale pasta, i'm telling you all about it. if we're lucky we can get her to post some of her work.
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(no subject)

man i read this story about a girl who was assaulted in walmart the other night. it was a mother/child thing that never should have happened, and has caused much vitriol with the childfree people. it is just so sad that people treat each other this way. i live in fear of someone attacking me out of nowhere afraid of going to jail for reacting violently.

i heard a republican criticizing bush today. shut up. we should all have hindsight to rely on.

i got a mail swap package today. the coolest item is a pen in the shape of a hypodermic needle with this eerie green liquid suspended in it. i love it. second coolest thing was a paper lantern. i have two hanging lights, and i think i'll take one down and put the lantern on the other one. shake the living room up a little.

i started my box making adventure tonight. i stopped before it got complicated. anything that takes four clamps isn't something i need to be doing on new meds.

i'm still dancing around chanting "i'm gonna lost some weight" . . . and true to the drug info, half of my dinner was left when i was full and the pan of brownies has been sitting unmolested all day. and as an added bonus, no PMS.