July 12th, 2005

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never microwave the brownies

at nine last night i got really dizzy and had to lay down. i was not surprised to wake up at three. likely anticipating this, doc slept in his room. so i have the place to myself. whee.

there is something gloriously decadent about drinking coffee at three in the morning.

of course this is jack's witching hour. chloe and hank are in here with me, where there is peace.

i do this thing where i open photoshop and just start sketching, coloring, whatever. but recently halfway through i run out of inspiration and steam. so i woke up with this idea i would take a poem, divide it up and try to do pieces to go with groups of lines. that should keep me on track, and is really just another way to incorporate my written work into my art
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magicwoman has a delicious sounding tart recipe you should check out

i was all hot to try it until i got to the peeled sliced peaches part. if i can get doc to peel the peaches, we might have a go.

i have two stories that stay with me on the negative end of high end catering: the first deals with dry-packed scallops, the smell and having to deal with a couple thousand of them . . . but the one i am reminded of here is the time i had to peel upwards of a thousand peaches with two interns. much better smelling, but, oy. i promised myself i'd never work with peaches or scallops again.

which reminds me, i have cantaloupe in the fridge, i may have breakfast today with my coffee. i crave fruit so rarely, this will be a treat.
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live at the world cafe

does anyone have any of the live at the world cafe CDs?

other than #3?

i'm trying to get a surprise for doc together and i apparently taped over his LWC tapes. i found #3 on CD.
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i just found a bookmark that says "i enjoy my books as i do my friends" and i thought, "in a hot bath with a vodka martini?"

maybe i'd have more friends if i really did that.

and, jumping subjects completely, i realized a few days ago that if i had simply done 75 crunches a day for the last two months, i would look very different. so i started doing them as soon as i get up, so if i don't work out, at least i did that. and got my metabolism pumping a bit.
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okay, i'm starting to feel a bit sorry for scott mcclellan . . . someone throw that poor man a rope and air lift him out of the rose garden.

if this were the clinton administration, they'd have 2 nails in the cross by now.

just don't look at iraq, whatever you do, keep your eyes on the administration, the supreme court, ANYthing, just don't look to the middle east!!!
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i see stories of bad parents who touch (such as grabbing, or pushing) people who are not drooling over or, god forbid not polite to bratty children. this distresses me. i'm pretty sure i would automatically beat unconcious anyone who touched me in anger (oh, yes, i have been well programmed, if i were trained i'd be dangerous).

the chattering voices are right, out is a scary place.