July 9th, 2005

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the movie tickets doc won from work have no expiration!
gotta find a midnight showing of willy wonka, when it opens
if it hasn't
i'm going to stop even pretending i know what is up out there
i established the stargate thing is on monday
but not after watching several inane episodes of sg atlantis first
irish doctor aside, i really don't like that show.

i finally talked to doc about the meds
instead of trying to fight them, i can go where they take me
i don't know why they are hitting me so hard
i don't know what my deal is
i've been keeping copious notes in the private area of this lj

the move
that may be what is generating this
no matter how much i want to (like when we came out here from PA),
moving freaks me out

there is a growing list on my wall of pros to moving

and the leslies in my life both gave me wonderful tips on moving and not fucking it all up. everyone should be lucky enough to have two leslies in their lives.

doc got a first response from the LV job yesterday
i try not to think about it and just keep my mind open
to whatever is going to happen

my biggest worry, how do we get the cats there
we'll have to tow the car on the moving truck, it won't make the drive
we will go overnight, it is a 6 hour drive
but where to put the cats?
in carriers in the car being towed, with the windows down
and big ass water bottles?
or do i sit in the car being towed (i know i know, that isn't really an option)
maybe if it happens, we will be able to hook up with
one of doc's co-workers, i'll happily drive someone's car up there
with the mewling banshees, i don't mind the noise
but that is the thing i am most stressed about

a few days ago i stopped eating
again, i don't know why
i am so sick of myself, really, just tired to death.
i've been sparing you the what-i'm-making rambles
viva la notepad
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i could write a book

in a conversation about writing books about certain experiences . . . what books could you write?

ive got:

mardi gras with a rapist-to-be
growing up mormon
insanity at 13
the abortion chronicals
the adoption
death of sister
damned lives of my parents
cross country in three days (i loved that drive)
starting a webcam with nipple piercings
hitched in las vegas
a book of short stories about my experiences at the double down

and then various cat and rodent how-to books and a cookbook or two

i'm sure there are more, less heavy subjects.

what could you write a book about?
2013, cyd, new


since goldencasino.com is into buying crazy shit to advertise on i've been trying to think of something i could offer (face it, we need money on a scale that is bigger than full time jobs and ebay sales)

since i'm still fond of the mohawk, and likely always will be, i was thinking one side of my head . . . but the tattoo thing was just done, and for about half the money i need to get us flush with everyone and everything. to be at zero.

is there any part of me that is expliotable/sellable that would impress insane dot commers?

how sad is this? blame it on . . . i don't know, chloe. blame it on chloe, she's napping, she won't mind.
2013, cyd, new

you know what?

if we stay here i am going to try to break into acting.

i was just remembering a monologue i had to learn in an acting class. i can't even remember the name of the instructor. i love a stage.

i once got the part of jo in little women. then my parents had braces put on me. that was the end of that, and god was my understudy a bitch.

i don't know what the opportunities are in phoenix, but i know that if we do stay here, i'm going to see what is what.