July 8th, 2005

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how to get the cats there

i had a thing al ready to write, but i took my meds wrong, only taking seroquel, which hammered me into a restless sleep. woke up to the worst headache i can remember having. i didn't have any caffeine this morning, and i know my blood sugar is low. how do i let this shit pile up?

the better i get at taking care of stuff, the worse i am at taking care of myself. and we won't discuss the mega panic attacks that have started grabbing me out of reality. or that certain way i stare at nothing while you talk to me.

i am to hold it together. if we go to phoenix, i can hold out until then. until i get to a place with hospitals and doctors equipped and experience with mental illness. not like here where dr. c had to take on so many extra patients just to pay the insurance premiums. why are there so many extra words when i reread this?

i made a new mix CD for loud time tomorrow. saturdays have turned into free for alls with socialization. though i noticed that the playground has been locked up for a week now. i would think the last thing a child here would want is a metal and hard plastic climby thing that has been cooking in the desert. that would suck. maybe they have it locked up to spare themselves problems with burns and such.

stargate show tonight, the whole new season preview thing, with ben browder! yep. finally. i really hope adding ben and claudia black isn't the shark jump. i hope it works.
2013, cyd, new

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why is it i can never get what is on when on tv right?

boom boom boom slam thump thump
hear the neighbors rejoice at the weekend!
even though i see it from my ivory tower
it is nice to see people all getting along