July 6th, 2005

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the studio is done. both doc and i were standing in it just looking at all i've gotten accomplished in it.

i swear i had a religious experience yesterday when i went to pack girlgoyle's box. everything was within reach, and everything was put away (because everything had a place finally) immediately. it was everything i dreamed it could be.

i find paper laying around and i can pick it up and file it in no time. i never thought i would be able to get things the way i need them. my room is okay with a bit of mess. but the rest of the house just scares me because of the stacks and piles (which are finally diminishing). the kitchen is all right, i got that under control last year at this time. and once they replaced the dishwasher, it was cake.

doc spoke today of a timeline for phoenix. three - six weeks. but we won't know for a while. we found an apartment. but i'm not going to think about that right now. i'll pack and i'll help load up, and after that, sedate me and the cats and wake us when we get there.

today i work in the studio, the cam will be on later to document the thrill that is watching me drill and glue things.