July 5th, 2005

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spoke too soon with the fireworks right outside
it only lasted for a few minutes
all the cats came in to look out my window
except jack, who stayed in doc's room
laying on, and i assume, listening to the radio
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doc's resume is off
now it is up to the fates
if we leave or if we stay
he's sleeping soundly for the first time
in a very long time

he was more a hinderence this weekend than anything else. i got very little done in the way of cleaning. i just joined the local freecycle, i'd rather some of the stuff i want to be rid of go to people who need stuff. and maybe i can find a comfy chair. doc's chair of comfyness is about dead. i offered to make new cushions for it, but he seems to want to let it die a dignified chair death.

my abode will soon be hospitable.

and i'm just giggly over having a room to work in, where every surface is mine to use. with the storage, there isn't much room to move around, but that isn't important. i can take the chair out of the room if i just want to work standing up. only a few odds and ends left to sort out and put away.

and we'll soon know if i need to pack it all up. =}
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have you or someone you know ever used one of those Sharper Image Personal Cooler (a thing you wear on your neck that is supposed to circulate cold)?

i know the air machine they have works. my doctor had one in his office. it ate cigar smoke, amazing creation.

i trust sharper image, but if this personal cooler thing works, it could radically change my life.
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mmmmmmmm diced red onion, black beans and a heavy hand of currry powder, cumin and garlic powder, simmered in the water from the beans (i use canned black beans)

i also got as close as i have so far in mimicking chi-chi's house dressing: sour cream, taco seasoning, and a bit of ranch dressing. i wish they would just sell the stuff.

so all that stuff in tortillas topped with cheese and salsa.

i love food induced nostalgia.