July 4th, 2005

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i wore my hair down today for the first time in a month. i thought it would get less curly with the lack of humidity here. but no.

if it was straight, i'd want it curly.

i cannot watch resident evil enough times. though i really want to see the second one now.

i need to go to bed so i don't sleep away the sunlight like i did today.
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nearly 9pm and no fireworks in the parking lot
and i can see the stadium fireworks over the dirt hill
i'm still no damn good at photographing them, though.

worked more on the studio
it is almost done
all the furniture that is meant to be in there is
and i will have more than enough storage
plus i have additional space for papermaking
which i really need to do some of,
i've had paper soaking for a week now
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cause & effect are listed as R&B on allmusic.com
i guess they changed after the first record
("you think you know her" being their only real 'hit' in america)
i loved their goofy sappiness on that record

doc is watching "ocean's 12"
he comes in and says,
"the movie was going along just fine,"
and i thought the DVD player siezed up.
he finished, "then that roberts woman comes on screen and starts being herself and it all goes to shit."

i keep going in and making him help me move various things
and then come back in here and watch the fireworks
and get my thoughts together, then i go and bug him again
we will have our living room back.
then i won't be embarassed to have people over and i can be social again.

i need a couple of bar stools
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weird pet thing o' the week

jack has learned (taught himself) to turn on doc's clock radio. he's done it three times today. he just sits next to the radio and purrs.

finally i left it on, turned down a bit (until he figures out what to step on to raise the volume) since he likes it so much. classical music at that. he's got his mommy's taste.