July 3rd, 2005

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ate myself sick

it has been a few days since i had sugar in another form than beverage enhancement.
doc brough home the willy wonka cakes and some donuts he'd shared at work
i ate too much too quick
and i really want to puke now
sugar bad
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more photos

just as boring as my rambling, but in color!

leeloo dallas multicat enjoys her naps more than anyone i know

eris, gwyll and the dane have seen my studio nee dining room and may notice a change. stacked boxes and dust bunnie covered crates stuffed full of random things have given way to a workable filing system and storage unit. certainly not finished, but far more inhabitable. tomorrow i'll finish it. by tomorrow night i sould be able to sit down at the table and work.

which is good because i found all of my suncatcher templates, and S delivered a stack of promotional CDs he'd trash picked. i can actually build up a stock of them. and i've finally found every last stash of the odd plastic beads i rarely used before these things.

and the components of the beaded curtain project are all together in a milk crate. so when i choose to sit down and finish it, it is all ready. it may actually get finished now. because of the flatware, lids, keys, glass marble beads and other found small metal items, it will be an art piece rather than a functional curtain. it will be a bit sharp and unpredictable. but it will rock.

i feel so much peace. it gets easier with each large bag i fill of stuff i'll never see again.

i've been taking copious notes during this, noting where things go and what i can use them for that had been forgotten.
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the truest statements are the hardest to make

i'm not ashamed, i'm afraid. wow. i've never been that before. oh, wait.

i don't want to offend. but honesty is the only thing that hasn't been tried. maybe the rest of us need to be as bleeding heart on sleeve as the religious right. we need to be as vocal. we need to have true faith in our own decision.

i understand some of you will be offended, and that isn't my intent, but i understand completely if you don't want the icon showing up on your friends list.