July 2nd, 2005

2013, cyd, new

progress in progress

funny, those shelves both register as level. it must be the florals at one end that makes them look strange

some features i'm proud of:

- ribbon spools on silk leaf stem hanging from floral basket (florals purchased in a huge craft lot, cost: about 1 cent each stem)

- floral wall basket is a half round outdoor planting basket of powder coated wire (trash find)

- small jars attatched to bottom of flat shelf for easy access to tiny things (jars from a food gift basket from the holidays)

-jars and cans of stuff that i should use and forget about (recycled jars and coffee cans)

- hooks under smaller shelf hold jewelry and suncatcher stock (both shelves cost 50 cents at a long ago michaels clearance sale)

and my triumph:

broken wine rack paper holder

wine rack was a trash pick, stood upright and filled with rolled paper and frame pieces and eucalyptus too fragile to go into the floral basket

next is the wall of doom. i'll take a 'before' picture but i'm not posting it until i have an 'after' image.
2013, cyd, new


i got up to do some vacuuming
took down the old shelves . . .

wait, i'm getting ahead of myself.

i go to vacuum, and come back into my room
and the cable is off and the modem is
blinking its angry blink

and i think, fuck, the tv is the only thing that links me to reality
what a weekend for this to happen
and my throat starts to tighten
and i go into the studio and
take down the old shef contruction
wipe it clean
and put it back together
i still have to fill it and sort the contents of
what looks like five boxes, though one may be nearly empty

i come into my room and hear voices
the stereo is on, broadcasting the tv
no more cable outage!
i figured we just hadn't paid it
any time we pay a bunch of bills at once
one always gets forgotten.

at least it isn't the power
2013, cyd, new

blah blah blah breathe

stopping for a break
i can't believe i'm making such progress
i guess once you've thrown all the shit away
it is just a matter of sorting and affirming what
isn't shit to you

finding things i forgot i had
(which is the most important right now, inventory)
grouping things together
(the easier to work on a project, nothing to hunt for)

near the end it will get down to several small beer bottle boxes, each filled with collage objects that will then be gone through, cleared out and if at all possible, sorted at least a little.

then (insert evil laughter) my room will be cleared of art supplies, just like i've been wanting forever now. and i'll probably put the new computer out there. it isn't being used. plus i have printers to test and then donate to a women's shelter. i already have two.

i have to keep taking breaks because i eventually get to the point where i'm just standing there looking and not seeing. then i sit down and drink a liter of water.

and wow wow wow, i have so much stuff that has been put away while i've found ingenious and gorgeous ways of making into things.

and if the word comes down we're heading out of LV, then i will hug myself for making the most complicated part of my life manageable and easy to pack.

never has there been such a grouping of all of my supplies and stuff. it's like a zen thing, getting it all together.
2013, cyd, new

then jericho

has anyone heard of the 80s band Then Jericho?
how about Nik Kershaw?
do you have anything by them?
do you know where i could find it?
i might be willing to spend money for their first LP