June 30th, 2005

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now i'm curious

there, the fat man just said it (his name is not up, anderson cooper scientoligy guest): schizophrenia is treatable with vitamins.

if there is even a kernal of truth to this, we need to know. i don't look forward to living my life according to medication schedules.
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new and improved suncatcher pre-mosaic

for the love of this box, henry (pictured) knocked over my calzone last night that i had the inconsideration to put on the box for a moment. he is serious. he won't sleep anywhere else for the past few days. yes, my cats are spoiled shits.
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black beans and rice, good lord do i love the cubans.

doc is now looking at staying here in the valley. he isn't happy about it and i think moving at least to another area would be good for him if we do stay in vegas. i'm cool with it either way. i want to be with him. and that is pretty much my reasons all summed up. true love is.

my brain is scattered. lists are good food. every day more stuff is thrown away or put away. i can see the organization of my house very soon. once done, i can follow him anywhere without life stopping panic.

i don't know if i'm just pulling further into myself, but the 'whatever' outlook is starting to look good on me.
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i've been saving jars

as anyone who has been over here has noticed, i had a lot of empty jars. earlier this week i scrubbed all the labels off of them and used krylon to paint the lids black.

and i have these skinny shelves i picked up along the way. just wide enough for jars.

i also have small coffee cans, and i plan to wrap paper around them. all manner of things have been sorted into these things, all sorts of project pieces gathered. i drew the marks on the wall to mount the shelves (even if we are moving, i need to get this stuff up off the floor and clean off my studio table so i can be productive during a move. i can't just stop making things for 6 weeks. i'm like right on the edge here. and now, more than any time before, i have a chance at a normal life and a better chance at a better quality life. i am not closing my eyes when the ball comes at me this time. i'm not even gonna blink.