June 29th, 2005

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remember the flame briefcases that were on sale at archiemcphee.com a while ago? if you got one, i just gotta tell you they are water resistant, so if you get caught in the rain, you will be okay.

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today i'm making a good batch of the new things. there was a picture up briefly yesterday. but the product sucked when compared to what i will be using the same techniques to make, so i privatized the entry. soon enough i'll have nice examples.

i've gone over my list of things that went wrong in the first batch and solved every problem. i'm really hoping the finished product represents that.
2013, cyd, new

i'm just sayin'

okay, let's assume for the moment that the scientologists are right and psychiatry really is a pseudo science.

what is it the propose to do about it? aside from slinging stigma all over large groups of people, i have yet to hear what they can do for all of the people who are diagnosed with a "chemical imbalance".

without a solution for the masses, because it is the masses they are endangering, what they are doing through tom cruise and now on their own with spokespeople on the news is just plain irresponsible.

or am i just too close to it? (i really am trying to stifle my desire to yell scream and stalk)

in tom's defense on one thing "did you know that now ritalin is a street drug?" is what he said. meaning that it is now. it didn't start that way and he wasn't implying that. and really he said enough stupid stuff that we can give him one. the press doesn't need to use that one.