June 28th, 2005

2013, cyd, new


the aruban authorities are looking for suspects.

the holoway twitty's are looking for the victim.

could this be the crux of the frustration?
2013, cyd, new

two days and i haven't even played it yet

install sims and five expansion packs - 2 hours

using sim file maid, install 700 megs of objects - 2 hours

using SE object manager, check for duplicates and change - 1.5 hours; sort all objects - 3 hours

using filecop make sure there are no bad textures, etc. - 20 min.

please let this work. i've only got one more expansion pack than i did before. i need to cannibalize my old system and see if there is any memory in there i can switch to this machine.