June 27th, 2005

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feline service announcement

jack would like you all to know that he can jump up walls.

everything has to be hung on the walls above four feet, that doesn't leave a lot of room, but jack can somehow propell himself up the wall and has pulled down a small shelf and a painting.

today i glanced over and he was wrapped around the door jam halfway up, just looking at me.

you have been warned.
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(no subject)

i really couldn't give a rat's ass where the 10 commandments are posted. to me they are a ludicrous document, right up there with pottery featuring the stories of Homer.

what i do care about is how much legislative time is given to this stupid issue.
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quality control

last night i discovered that Sims Expansion packs are under $10 each at walmart. there are a few i don't have and two that i wanted so i got them. wiped all the old stuff off the computer, so i could reinstal it all on a drive with much more room on it.

long story short, i installed it all okay, just in a messy way. so i wiped it all out again. that took four hours.

today: daylight. the materials have been amassed, the instructions printed out, the pictures on the desktop for easy reference. and i am scared to try this new thing. this will last another hour or so, and then i'll dive in and do it.

and hey, i'm using locket sized images, about 200x200 pixels. if you have a picture you'd like to see on a really cool charm, you can point me to it on the web, or email it to me at cydniey@zenweb.net with the word "scout" in the subject line. and i will do my best to use it in the practice pieces, and if i use it and it comes out right and looking nice, i'll make you a bracelet to go with it. just because i don't want to use pictures of me.
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(no subject)

first experimental batch in the oven
cam is back off for now
i hope you got your fix

please let these be as easy as they seem (the reason i doubt this is because, if it is easy, why isn't everyone doing it?)
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psychology as a pseudo science

i invite scientologists to use me as a guinea pig.
two stipulations, my health care is covered by insurance, so i do not pay for it
therefore, i cannot buy accessories or pay for treatments;

but, if someone wants to put up
i'll go along with it
if you can cure me without all of the side effects of the drugs
i'm right here, willing and able