June 26th, 2005

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sudays are for the bass-o-rific CD
not out of spite
just because i can
the saturday night hanging out of my neighbors
has become a weekly party
i think part of it is the drug trade
not that i care
i don't go out saturday nights
it doesn't bother me
and if i feel the need for people
i can just stand outside and have a smoke
sundays everyone downstairs goes out
so i get loud music of my chosing
god this entry is completely meaningless

i'm waiting on doc to get dressed
so i can go get the materials for my new things
expect photos once i get one made that is so
good no one can tell how i did it.

i notice unflavored coffee is really not appealing to me
i used to mainline espresso shots
now i'm all "ooh flavored coffee"
i should just like the coffee for the coffee
2013, cyd, new

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don't get me started talking about U2
not on a sunday morning
for some reason
all my love for them comes out on sundays
i think it's because i used their music
to carry me through my last years of
pretending to be a happy mormon
got me through the summer of psychiatric hospital
just don't get me talking about it on sunday mornings

there is a recording of sunday bloody sunday from the US festival, where monkey bono starts climbing the scaffolding. but that recording is part of a trend going into the very early 90s where each live performance of sunday bloody sunday got more intense and faster. culminating in a 92 recording i still can't find where the song was almost a punk anthem, it was that fast and hard.

i'm old and clinging to a band of my teens . . . i'm my mother!
2013, cyd, new

can i name ten celebrities i like?

lets' see

1 bono
2 greta van sustern
3 helena bonham carter
4 henry rollins
5 christopher walkin
6 dennis hopper
7 i got nothing . . .

speaking of rollins, anyone know if he actually was in the lastest Project Greenlight movie? he was cast in the beginning of the series, but never really shown again.