June 24th, 2005

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okay kats and kittens, now i'm really begging, please pass this on to anyone you think would like some really

fabulous one of a kind beaded silver jewelry, or has a thing for made-over mint tins.

i've got this business op right up in my face, and i need about $100 for start-up. i've got about half, but i'd really like to clear out my inventory, i'm running out of my first line of gay pride jewelry, and the other half of the money coming from stuff i've already made would be a real plus.

this really amazing woman has presented me with an idea, technique, and if i can do it like i know i can, some sold jewelry and my name out with it. once in a lifetime. not a get rich quick, not a scam, she's already provided me with her inspiration and instructions, i don't have to pay anyone anything. except the supply store, so i can do the prototypes up really nice. the half of the money i have will set me up for now making the cool-things-to-be-disclosed-later, the half i'm looking to make will get me some stone beads and findings that would just put the wantableness over the top for me.

i know, when am i not whining about selling stuff. but hey, i'm nothing if not persistent. thanks.

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thank you

you guys rock . . . i need to reiterate that.
i asked you to pass round my store URL
and i sold $100 of stuff,
so my new business project is going to happen!!!
you guys rock
thank you
the immediate response was overwhelming
thanks to you and your friends
i can order the stuff online if i have to
and that just completely rocks
i just can't . . .

it has been a weird wonderful week
everything went just the right way
and when i stopped to check my notes
i wasn't behind, i was right where i should be
and i can't tell you how good it feels

plus all the weird little positive things
i'm in a really good place in the universe right now

nothing new on the moving front
i'm doing doc's resume today
to prod him to finish it tonight
procrastination is our biggest asset, or not
if the company he is with is willing to move him
then the cable company here should want him
and he hasn't even tried yet
he's tracked the paths of those who've already left
he's holding out for the insurance
if he does it right there will be no gap in coverage
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*gagspitcough* tom cruise needs to not be pissing us crazy people off. *oi!*

i always hated him as an actor. never saw top gun, never saw the one with the underwear dance to the stupid annoying song - at the time i was being elitist. now i'm just being smart. someone get that boy some purple nikes and send him on his way.

*boy needs to be locked in a ward of schizophrenics with vitamins instead of their meds for a couple of weeks*
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pasta salad with the egg noodle bungle - still tastes great, just looks icky, should have been the tri colored pasta

boo snuggles with plastic - he grinds his teeth when he sleeps, we took about 50 pictures of him this particular morning.