June 23rd, 2005

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thanks everyone

a bit of sleep and i came up with this list during my first cup of coffee:

- population that isn't constantly in flux, therefore, lower rents and deposits
- mental health facilities (and the plural is the winner in this sentence)
- different minded population - vegas is a place of extremes
- no more hell mouth (as many of you mentioned), tripper could come to visit and be safe
- much better place for doc's parents to visit
- fucking great weather and city and suburbs
- no more gang exodus leaving us up to our elbows in people dodging CA's three strikes law
- vegas would become a novelty to me again
- if i wanted to get back into food, phoenix has great cuisine without the cut throat crap of here
- no longer being surrounded by the desperate - everyone here is desperate for some reason

it is not a done deal, but if it can be it will be.

i need to figure out how to get the cats there. it would give me the long needed excuse to get rid of our uglier furniture.

none of the business things i'm up to require me to stay here. what would it be like to live in the city or to live in a nice suburb again? it would be really nice. to walk after dark, or at any time down the sidewalk,

before i turned 18 our family had moved 23 times. in three different states. last night when doc came home and announced the option i flashed back to those 22 days when i came home and was told i had to pack. so it was only natural that i freaked out.

now i'll be disappointed if it doesn't happen.

but who cares? i got published again (in case anyone missed yesterday's post)!
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did i mention the erotic poems i sent in to http://www.cleansheets.com
yeah, i did, i sent the only two that i've ever done
one is way better when spoken than the other, which reads much better
but they wanted at least two
the one that is better read?
got accepted.

i'm pinching myself, but . . .
that's two of three
once a few are out, i can start submitting to places that pay more than a copy, which for now i am happy with.

i'm also starting to feel much more confident about the manuscripts, i may be able to find someone to publish a book of poetry in another year or so. that's a big jump to make.
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my eyes!

i put my contacts in
the disorientation i've been having
lately because of the meds is
exaserbated by my glasses
so i figured, i've got good contacts
why not put them in.
my brain is telling me that i shouldn't be able to see
because my glasses aren't on
but my eyes are seeing fine
so there's some sort of rumble in the
visual cortex
but i can see out of the corners of my eyes, and that is a treat