June 11th, 2005

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i think i'll make a tshirt for bono that i will never send.
"i talked to the US president and all i got was this lousy atomic bomb"
2013, cyd, new

the bra

i have one bra that fits me at this size
i have lost it
now, personally i could be happy
almost never wearing one
in the desert they are sophisticated
strangulation devices
especially when wrapped around back fat
but everytime i go without a bra
i must tolerate middle aged,
dentally challenged men either
coming out and telling me i have no bra on
(what woman would not notice this herself and need a stranger to tell her?)
or walking into things (like doc) from staring at
the phenomenon of unharnessed natral breasts.
and i can't take that.
i get violent
i have to be dragged away, tits a'floppin
grrr . . . i'll just wear the tight tank top
that ties the beasties down to my body
and a nice hot tshirt over that
and you know, mastectomies are
almost a tradition in my family, so
i've always known there may come a day
when i no longer have the breasts
and i still can't bring myself to like them
i didn't want them this big
i never wanted tits
i don't even like tits
but i have to bow to them in order to leave the house
is this ridiculous to anyone else?
2013, cyd, new

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i don't know who did what to whom in aruba, but that dutch boy that is being held is creepy looking.

even back in the day it would have taken more vodka than russia has to get me mackin' on that.

oh, and the US media needs to back up off the aruban law enforcement. they don't know what to do with these reporters who press for info and second guess and make wild assumptions. they can't stop to get a breath without our media tromping all over the place. nothing good will come of this tactic.