June 10th, 2005

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i live in a time where an Alarm song and a Rev. Horton Heat song are featured in commercials. i can see some good in that. not everything on tv is absolute shite.

(and, yes, i said "shite" . . . and i spell "grey" with an e . . . and no i do not live on the british isles. i have no defense. it is the way i was raised. just like i use my right hand for much stuff (i'm left handed) - the schools i went to trained using the right hand. just the way i was raised. sometimes i even affect an accent from a country i have never lived. even more occasionally i adopt a word or phrase that is not inherently american. yes. i do that. and i'm proud of it. i'd rather say "shite" than "hella" any day.)

why did i bring this up? brain chemistry spikes is the only thing i can think of.