June 9th, 2005

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pow and bam

and so the seroquel hits me. it will be another hour until i can cut more paper, i don't trust myself with the 2' by 2' dullish paper cutter when i'm zonky.

henry does not share my fear. yes, he is a big big cat.

the sky is grey. the big national map on the weather channel has most of the united states covered in rain. i should find that image. i'm hoping for a little rain. and a lot of thunder.

then . . .

i wander into the kitchen, we may never know what for, and i made a big pot of chili.

doc is thawing a roast, so i snatched a quarter of it and cut it up into little bite sized cubes (it was really easy since the meat was still half frozen). then i diced an onion and minced some garlic. i browned the meat, added the onions and then the garlic.

once that was all brown and limp (don't forget to salt and peper the meat and onions as they cook) i added a couple cups of broth, a big can of tomato sauce, a can of black eyed peas (the LAST can of mormon welfare food left over from a care package from my family when we moved in), three cups of black beans i cooked the other night, and a bag of anemic looking frozen corn. the corn plumped right up once it hit the hot liquid.

then the spices, and heavy on the cumin! chili powder, curry powder, granulated garlic, s&p and anything you like in your chili. now it is simmering, cooking down.

everything was found languishing except for the meat. and i feel all accomplished for making good use of the stuff.

and now the house smells of cumin and we are out of chili powder. then i found some sour cream to garnish. doc will have a yummy good meal when he gets home tonight.

the most recent batch of paper

this is my fascinating life.
2013, cyd, new


has anyone familiar with the reverend horton heat's voice seen the new Boston Market commercial for steak? i'm convinced the voice doing the silly jingle is his and i was wondering what others thought.