June 8th, 2005

2013, cyd, new

and . . . you're awake!

something new - special slide shows all day today

something old
i found this while sorting pictures
i have no idea who took it or when i was in a dennys in the daytime
but it really is the perfect portrait of me
head down
hair mussed
vintage clothes of ugliness
the ever present sidekick, the cigarette
2013, cyd, new

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i gave up the bold and the beautiful. i'd mastered appreciating the melodramatic acting and idiodic cyclical plots. but then taylor came back. at first i revelled in the fact she had had a funeral with an open casket and still the writers found a way to bring her back . . . but the lips . . .

while away from the show, this gorgeous woman had something done to her upper lip. collagen maybe, botox, bee stings, whatever. her upper lip does not move. she can't pucker, and it just sits there swollen over her teeth. it started to really spook me out. so i had to quit watching. she was so beautiful and expressive before. and i have nothing against surgical enhancement at all. but on her, and the extreme, is distracting. i was retaining nothing from any scene, which made it hard to mock (why else do we watch soap operas? same reason we watch nancy grace - it is fucking hilarious).