June 7th, 2005

2013, cyd, new

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altoids is having a contest for the many uses of the tins. . . . i wonder if what i do would be appropriate, i hope so, that would be cool. and i can't wait to see other entrants.

i'll enter my speed racer pocket shrine.
2013, cyd, new

ahh paper

today i made teal with confetti
purple with little hearts
teal textured
and then purple sheets and
teal casts and sheets
and another layer on my latest bowl
the drying is the hardest part
i'm so impatient
i've used all of my pulp
and all of my cut paper
so tomorrow is cutting and soaking day
yellow, red/pink, blue

the confetti is fun
i have little swirls from a paper punch
and little hearts and stars also
from paper punches,
and then there is my hand shredding
so, many ways of adding color

i'm going to make a paper lantern out of
a set, just to see if it works
some of the paper is heat set
i put a really hot iron on it while it is damp
and end up with a gloriously mottled look

i want to find more things to make with
the paper i'm making