June 3rd, 2005

2013, cyd, new

on using my hands

i made purple casts and textured paper.
then i made some more pale green with dill and glitter
someone wanted to trade some with me
and i had a bunch of legal pad paper written on it with blue marker
and we have green!
and i made another bowl, as you can see
this is my favorite one yet, i did a thing,
and if it works out, it is gonna look so cool!

does anyone know where my vellum or tracing paper are?
they aren't where i thought they were
it's for the coreboard backing i made the other day
damn damn damn
2013, cyd, new

full of myself

i can't find my tracing paper
i can't find my vellum
though i did find water color paper i need for something else
i did find a pack of large parchment triangles for use with pastry stuff. it was purchased in the late 60s, so it is aged and perfect for what i wanted, and i love fate that way. and it is another thing reused for a piece of art. i love that too. since i'm not an earth mother at all. recycling has been a pain in my ass ever since i hooked up the the resident recovering hippy.

off to discover what sort of picture i'm wanting to put on the parchment.