June 2nd, 2005

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girgoyle help!

i've got these bloody comic books and i can't find current prices for them

i've sold a couple of comics, but both times was underpaid heinously and i had to ship them overseas. i am tired of looking at the box they are in. and i hate the man (douchebag) that put the money into them.

google is worthless to me right now.

i think i may have to go to the library for this one
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butterscotch toffee coffee is suck.
doc keeps making it at different ratios to the regular coffee
thinking it is all in my head
(well, most things are)
but if i dont' smell it i can taste it
i'll get him for this when he gets home
though i have to give him a nod for the setup
i was expecting anything but "gah blech!"
when i took my first sip of coffee today

gah . . . no, and it doesn't grow on me.

sucked doc into "lost" last night, heh
he can't win, you should have heard him with the questions
and so priceless the "but that was the first episode and you've seen the whole season!!!"
really, truely thinking that his questions must have been answered
in the course of the season
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something made me realize there was a BIG bonus to the way i was raised. since my parents didn't like me and everyone else's parents did, it took a village to raise me.

i was always being taken in by some parent or other. i grew up in puerto rican homes, irish catholic homes, italian, jewish . . . you name it.

that, more than anything else, helped form my cultural education and how i relate to people. it also largely explains why i am not inflicted with the racism my parents are cursed with. yes, they adopted a black baby and a half black baby, but it was a show for the church. funny since racism was a big part of the church until the mid 70s - i guess it was a token showing, wards would be standing on their heads for our beneton ad family, or something equally twisted.

but yeah, thinking back, it is really cool how many households i was a part of.
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bonus round

someone somewhere gave me a pile of comics that are the usual comics, x-men and such, that have appreciated much more than my vertigo comics did.

like a little present. just when i thought i was permanently jinxed.
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(no subject)

i'm going to watch 'hit me baby one more time" and hopw i don't get that weird sick feeling like i did seeing blondie's reunion.

loverboy, huh?

why do we do this to ourselves?