June 1st, 2005

2013, cyd, new

join me in a chorus of "why am i up?"

i found something new to read about
lordy lordy the things people do
really, this shit is hilarious, if you have the time to root through it and look into it more. apparently the scarrans have beed actively involved with our government for some 50+ years. who knew (see "7' tall reptilian alien that looked to weight about 400 lbs")? germany was the first to the moon, in 47 . . . we've had mars colonized for nearly half a decade . . . supersoldiers . . . the christ project . . . oy!

the claims regarding mars particularly telling
god i love me a good conspiracy theory

i'm up because my first sound upon conciousness was
"land slide in laguna beach"
hey, i grew up there, partly
my ears prick up when they hear familiar things

doc and i were just talking about the internet. it comes up any time i delve into a silly sobject (such as my current "Lost" obsession, which led me to the above linked silliness). and i invariably remind him that i would be agoraphobic even without the computer, and with the web, my artisticness has grown passed any expectations i ever had. before the web, i never knew i was an artist. i didn't know that i was good with my hands. i've learned things and grown as an artist so much . . . and i wouldn't have without the web. i wouldn't have a way to sell what i make, i wouldn't have had the poetry opportunities. finally he nods and tells me to pay attention to the soap.
2013, cyd, new

oh. joy.

so . . . come september, the call center doc works at will be closing. he's been there something like three years. he just got an award, which may get him through the end of this month layoffs. they'd better have a sweet severence for him.

here's the rub, i know nothing about what he does, and i'm the resident resume person. but i've been off the scene so long, i don't know what people are looking for, what parts of his job to highlight . . . shit, and i need to get it done fast

so those out there in technical phone support, care to give me a peek at your resume? anyone want to suggest resume sites? i'm going to go troll google.

THIS SUCKS. he cannot be out of work. not for a second. this sucks sucks sucks. world spinning out of control. oy. grab it, help it, stop it.