May 31st, 2005

2013, cyd, new


the britta water tastes. . . icky. i wonder if the filter is unseated? wow our water is metallic here.

since i sat down from my cleaning frenzy, i've had this peace come over me. if my bed was made, it would be too much, overwhelming joy.

as hard as it is for me to keep things orderly, it is twice as rewarding when it happens.

yes, indeedy, the filter was unseated. how i have accurately functional taste buds left is god's own private mystery.

these damn suncatchers are really gorgeous. i just kind of beaded them and put them together, without paying strict attention so i didn't try to do everything on it symmetrically, i wanted a random element to it. sometimes, especially with beadwork, balance becomes obsessive. these were much more freeing, but they don't suffer from being asymmetrical.

i need to take pictures of the danglies, many would make great bracelets . . . actually, all of them would.

check them out here, which is jloopy's collection, and here, which can be yours