May 28th, 2005

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the dreaded tear bear!

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i finally traced one of the patterns i've been working on, onto some fresh bear-brown paper. then i tore out the pieces. note to anyone trying this, don't be like me, shade the pieces of bear before you assemble the creature. yes, i am that dumb about crafts, that is why i didn't want to make one, but my roommate challenged me, so what could i do.

i assembled the pieces, discovered the body i'd made was way too small, so i ended up with a pervert bear. i'll be adjusting that pattern and making another one. now that i've done it, i have to do one right, one that doesn't look like he's touching himself.

i can see why patterns would be wanted (duh, i found a niche in the market i could fill, that is how i got started with this whole thing), i've noticed many incredible crafters need a pattern at least once to get the feel for it . . . but he was pretty easy to do, so i don't see why they sell on ebay for $2-5.
2013, cyd, new

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beware retreads in the dessert.

see, it happened like this: the temperature didn't sneak up, it shot up. and for two of the days it did, the car was left in the sun. day three doc goes to work and the retread literally peels off the tire. he brought me a chunk of it.