May 27th, 2005

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lost ramblings

pamered addict charlie may very well have no clue what to do with uncut heroin and no razorblades/mirrors/straws/needles, etc on the island. and i don't hate him. i pity him, but i relate to him, not in the addict way, but in the whole 'life is a whirlwind and you can't keep up so you may as well whine' thing is something i've been through and can understand.

on the first pan of the boat passengers, i thought they all looked like lostaways we know and loathe or love, but then wavered when the blonde threw the fire bomb, then realized i've not really looked at either of the blonde's faces close enough to recognize them.

the other thing i've not seen mentioned is the mental health, or deterioration thereof of the lostaways. even on survivor you can see the contestants starting to crack, and those are people who know when their ordeal will end. what paranoid, or grandiose, or anxious moments are happening, and how are they affecting people?

and what is it going to take for one of them to sit on frenchy mcbatshit and make her spit out a lucid sentence?

maybe the ladder in the hatch glows in the angst, kind of like the goo in ghostbusters II.