May 25th, 2005

2013, cyd, new

punk rock bingo 1.0

i'm thinking of selling it because i've noticed that while it is here, i have put off making the others in the series

or maybe i'll just hide it somewhere until i get a space to display it besides my "wroking" wall
2013, cyd, new

trying not to spoil

"Lost" was good better than the whole season thus far put together, but i wonder if it will be enough to make me go back to newtork TV. and i swear at first i thought the boat people were copies of the raft people. frenchy mc batshit really needs to be tied down and questioned. and i had a hard time with the coil of wire in the pirate ship's dynamite box. i didn't know plastic covered wire on plastic spools were things available to the old school pirate. maybe they produced it from somewhere else, i'll find out while copiously pouring over the televisionwithoutpity boards.

i also watched "Alias" for only the third time. great ending, i knew something was going to happen to him during the reveal, but i didn't know what and it made me jump. but i wonder if the episode's twisted family reunion is a constant in the plot/main subplots . . . because family and killing efficiently don't mix. but the ending made all my crankiness about that fade.