May 22nd, 2005

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back pain to rival giving birth
i woke up paralyzed
doc got me rolled over and upright
it is entirely upper back pain,
so i don't know if it is an asthma attack,
or a panic attack (i dream of her every night)
or if i wrenched my back
i've forced myself into
every stretching position i can think of
i want to scream
but i'll wait for the advil to come around

i made the coolest piece of paper last night
it is thick and on one side it is molded
in a celtic knot pattern
here, let me scan it and show you
i don't know what on earth it would be used for
but i've begun to notice that they can do anything with paper and glue
i am in awe of scrapbookers

i'm also making a freeform bowl with bits of pulp left over from each day's paper making
i love it already and can't wait until it is done
it is really the only thing i'm doing with the paper
(aside from the pulp mixing)
that is more artistic than just making unique product
it is something i get to decide the thickness, the texture, the color and the size
i like it
2013, cyd, new

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what are non-caucasians of dark skin referred to as in europe? cartainly not "african-american", right?

and why isn't spain held responsible for mexico after the generations of looting?

yeah, i'm watching geraldo's special "cydniey's family seems simple by comparison" show from idaho on the freak killing and disappearance of two children (in case you don't know because you aren't addicted to cable news like i am), and it has put me in a mood.