May 18th, 2005

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let the celebration begin!!

i made it to 36 and i am still capable of changing my lifestyle. i am still free, and i have never been more creative.

tomorrow at 9:50 am will be the technical time of birth, but when a volcano goes off the day before one of the best birthdays of your life widens the gap.

now that i'm back online, there will be a special show on cam: papermaking 101. i did it yesterday, with the nice 3com cam and got enough pictures of the process to make a tutorial later on.
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optional reader participation

what was your favorite 80s video game, if you had one?

for me it was
arcade: Tempest
home: space invaders (we had a glitch in the power cord and if you tweaked it as the game was loading you would get two shots for evey one fired, which gave me a HUGE advantage - the start of my shallow hacking career)
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bil o'reilly got me fired up:

question one: if the media is so liberal, why doesn't it go after all of the conservative wingnuts in power with their secrets hanging out? (mayor west, gannon/guckert, the mule sex slip of the toungue pop into mind)

question two: do we have afghanis saying to the american press that they rioted over a magazine that is american based? are afghanis really that hip to our printed media? what is the real story behind that riot? if it was a newsweek article (which takes a suspension of disbelief not unlike that which is needed to watch "Lost"), fine, there is a problem. big ol' problem. but is the world really that in tune with us? can newsweek really be so widely read in afghanistan as to start a riot, and if so, why weren't riots sparked by the past reports of abu gahrib, or after the judgement in the lindy engle case? i just have the feeling that there is a deeper issue that is being hidden by the conservative media swarm around newsweek.
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thoughts on lost

could they all be on a big yoda cave of an island where the baggage they take in translates into the demons they fight?

why is charlie-the-guy-who-kicked-heroin-a-couple-weeks-ago-with-no-withdrawl-symptoms not holed up in the crashed drug plane making himself blissful on free dope?

and (this one is rhetorical) why have they not sat upon danielle frenchy mcbatshit rousseau and gotten more than fragments of b movie haiku out of her? and speaking of her, are she and locke somehow connected? when sayid got whacked on the head by locke, he woke up in her custody, did he not?

i was so thrilled at the black rock reveal that i really don't care how they end this season, or if they even know what they were doing. it was really enough for me.

because this show makes my head hurt.