May 15th, 2005

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step one of the CD suncatchers

i've been searching the web, and i can't find any others made like this. i got the idea from a picture frame how to somewhere that has since disappeared. i had the clear gels that jess had given me, so i put together the suncatchers. and it seems to be an original idea, but it can't be. someone has to have come up with it.

anyway, i've been trying to take a picture that would get across the holes are cut out of the CDs, i didn't just glue paper over the center holes to hide them. i think this picture does it. i'll be shrinking it down and putting it on the auctions, so people can better see what i'm asking money for.

i also ripped up a ton of paper for today's papermaking extravaganza. and took pictures so i can make a tutorial. i've read about 35 tutorials on the web, ranging from, "cut the stuff up and blend it with water, dip the thing in and then put it on the absorbent piles of other stuff" to completely anal second-by-second, ne'r shall you waver from the word. so i'm going to try to make one that is somewhere in the middle of it.

i'm trying to make this first batch a pale green and it will have silver glitter and dried dillweed in it. i have no idea on this earth what i will use it for, but i decided this was the first batch. an experiment with organic material and different shades of paper. the green paper i used was a bluish mint green so i added some shredded bright yellow to it. we'll see in a few hours how wrong i am about color mixing and paper making.