May 8th, 2005

2013, cyd, new

system of a down

first exposure, tonight on SNL.
i didn't like it when jethro tull did it,
still don't like it when SOAD does it
the speed metal part of the song was good
but the rest just made me laugh
am i getting old?
or is shit just coming around again?
i know the killers and the bravery harken back to new order
that is why i love them, to be honest.
but this scared me
2013, cyd, new

happy mothers day

to all the moms who love thier families
to my nana, who has earned it for decades
to my friends who are moms
to the strangers who are moms
i hope you are bathed in the love
that you create and foster
you are loved
and on one spare day you are honored
but we love you all year
though we may not have a pretty card on hand every day
2013, cyd, new


once i got access to the hard drive that had given out on me and prompted me to get a new computer (well, that and the generous offer from a friend who has parts laying around) i discovered this:

anyone ever seen this? is the data forever gone?