May 2nd, 2005

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Tin of Cydniey

Tin of Cydniey is my blogger blog where i blog stuff that i think should be blogged. it is not just a regurgitation of stories i find, but things that are important to me, weekly creep-outs, links to further explain what the hell i'm on about and the occasional cat picture.

what you do is this (and i believe it only applies to paid accounts):

go to

scroll to the bottom of the page to the part that says "Add Feed by URL" and in the box type or paste:

and when i update the blog, it will appear on your friend's page.

there are also some other really cool feeds and you should check them out too!

okay, thank you for listening
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(no subject)

i finished the 1000_journals journal #78 done this morning, as well as all the ebay packing. three day turnaround on the artjournal. what can i say, i was inspired this morning.

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so i feel all accomplished. i also feel creative and fairly sure i will make something today. i really need to get the prototype wine charms done so i can make any alterations to the process. they take three days to cure. and about a day or day and a half to prepare for the resin

i have this nagging feeling i should be making something for someone and i can't remember who.

i need to dust.
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cat question, opinions wanted

jack the teenage cat has a teething thing. he chews on pens, wood, cardboard . . . anything he can get his mouth around. i'm thinking (to save my pens and chair legs) of getting him those small rawhide chew sticks for chihuahuas.

has anyone else had a chewer? tried rawhide?