May 1st, 2005

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Dear Jennifer Wilbanks

you can come live with me and i promise not to make you get married in such conditions that make you feel you need to flee them.

i'll treat you like a human, and i promise, if you need time to yourself, i will not get you 14 bridesmaids.

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(no subject)

since i installed firefox, i can't respond to lj comments through my mail (for which i use outlook express), i'm wondering, is there something i've missed?

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(no subject)

i seem to scare noisy mcnoiserson downstairs. last night he thought i would be cute to honk for his woman in a car alarm beat. wondering where the noise was coming from, i stepped onto my porch and looked down, and there was his car, honking. i couldn't see in it, but i gave it a death look anyway, figuring it was his alarm, but never missing a chance to scowl at something. suddenly the tempo changed and the noise stopped. a moment later he got out of his car to go the five feet inside to get his woman.

of course that fear does not extend to the really loud fucking stereo. two days a week, it isn't that bad, and to be honest, i'd be matching him bass line for bassline if doc wasn't here and ready to bleed from the eyes if i turn hole on. maybe i can talk him down to ministry. it isn't that it stops the music from downstairs, it just covers it for a little while so you don't feel so trapped in a cage that some yokel is tapping on.
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"attack of the flaming fuckwits"

i love kelli, i really do. whatever morbid joke of a life i can come up with, she can always sum it up in 20 words or less. we must have been abducted by aliens together and bonded or something.

same thing with girlgoyle

here's henry's take on artjournaling:

doc got me glue sticks so tonight i'll do the 1000_jornals pages. i wish someone would give me some feedback, though, you get gold stars and once you get a few you can go in for more journals than just one at a time. knowing the freetime i have, i really want to get into this.