April 22nd, 2005

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The contraceptive sponge is comning back!!!!!

okay, birth control not one of my biggest worries, but any progress forward in personal choices is a damn miracle in this political climate.

did you know the washington geniuses came up with a way to reduce oil consumption? mess with the daylight savings time. wow, why didn't someone come up with that miracle sooner? fuck wits. natural gas is my friend, and not just after i eat at taco bell.
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i've never been in traffic before and wanted to get out of the car and run. for about 20 minutes yesterday we were sandwhiched in between a semi and a semi sized motor home. i knew, i just knew that someone was going to slam into the motorhome behind us and make us freeway spam.

that was after the 15 minute certainty that the apartment was on fire.

then there was the anticipation of going into a store and the terror that my mom would be in there and i would lose it and get hauled away.

shit howdy. i am not to leave the house without having first taken the appropriate medication. Ever.

by the time we got home i was exhausted. i wish i'd had my camera, there was stuff i'd never seen before. that will teach me. if ever i leave my camera at home, i always find the coolest stuff to photograph.

but now i have a paper poker and a metal screw awl and eyelet placers to play with. as well as the everlasting task of the bottle caps. sand paint sand gloss glue inset resin cure.