February 8th, 2005

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listen up pagans

does anyone know of a good, simple summoning spell, specifically for the recently dead or dead loved ones? my book of shadows concentrates mostly on binding and protective spells. but i wanted to do some work with summoning.
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(no subject)

today was/is Kasey's 17th birthday. it would have been her independence day. 17 is the age of consent in this state. i was gonna make the cake. the three of us buffers girls would have been together. power of three survivors. but i would never have wished the past two years of hell my parents have been through on her or my worst enemy. she got out at the right time. but i would give anything to hold her again.

http://zenweb.net - kasey's tribute site, if you haven't seen it before.
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thank you

thank you to everyone who checked in today. it really wasn't that bad, not like the death-date is. i've put my magik away until i'm in a more logical mood. no matter how i go on, or how insane i am thought to be, i don't mess with that. if you want to fool with things you cannot explain, you have to understand the consequences. and you have to go into it with a pure heart, no matter what. and my heart is not pure tonight. it is full of hate and to give any amount of power to that would be indescribably stupid.

again, thanks, my friends.