January 19th, 2005

2013, cyd, new

a call to the go getters

if you have a DIY site: a site wherein you promote yourself, your art, your music, your writing, and i know a lot of you do, here's the thing: i'm going to use my mwsmedia.com blog to promote your sites. i invite you to do the same, as i will continue to do to everyone who makes their own money from their art/creativity, does their own self promotion and/or searches blindly on the gigantinet for people to collaborate with or critique, or inspire. leave me your URL in a comment and i'll check out your site and write a review for it in my mwsmedia.com blog.

go to mwsmedia.com and join. i can personally vouch for the safety of your security and personal information. this forum is also a small community, growing weekly, a great way to connect.

and every one of us DIYers needs a community, one devoted to you and others like you, how about your own blog just for your work and your own self promotion? an audience specifically there to share like ideas. nothing about that sucks. and the URL is short, and the admin is long on coolness. and i'm not just saying this because we've known each other 5 million years, or the fact that he called me a celebrity, he worked his ass off over the holidays and took some really honest criticism to heart and made a vast site easy to navigate, with lots of extras. (my user name there is cydniey, like it would be anything else).