Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

sleep is a good thing. since switching to doc's bed, i've had no back pain at all. i'd dance, but i don't dance. not even around the house. to be frank, i'm embarassed of my body and i hate the way it moves. nothing i can't fix myself with some determination.

if i was able to put as much energy into getting thin or making stuff as i do into being upset and generally miserable i'd be a very productive and happy person. alas, it doesn't work that way.

B is supposed to be coming over tonight to work on the computer. none too soon, i think he accidentally packed my winXP disk. packing up last weekend was very hurried and it was late at night. i grabbed one of his disks by mistake, so this is entirely possible.

i have to wear a long sleeved shirt to my doctor tomorrow. there is no way i'm going back to the hospital again. and this whole week of misery has been a lesson in getting one's medication on time. we really don't need to go into it. procrastination is bad, m'kay? i always say i won't let it happen again and it always does. this time i may have learned a lesson from it. i can explain away most of the stuff that has ever happened to my body, but this defies me.

can the person who sent me the altoids tins (a few months ago) please email me at with your mailing addy? please? i found the stash of them yesterday and to my dismay, didn't leave your name or addy with them. i feel like a putz for not knowing who it was, but there it is.

i need to straighten things up and make room in the living room for a computer fest. i'm so glad i slept half this day away. i feel so much better.

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